I was born back in the good olī golden times, in december ī75, in St. Toenis, which is a small city next to Krefeld. My parents lived in Krefeld and this is the place I roamed for the next 23 years.
I went to a nearby kindergarden, ahh hell, letīs jump this and make this short...
Living in Krefeld and being raised there is quite booring, although you just start understanding this when you try looking for clubs and bars. Until the age of sixteen, or so, I stayed mostly in krefeld visiting different schools. I started working with fourteen in different enterprises, like in pet-shops. As i got older I wanted to make more money and went working in the gastronomy field, where I stayed until the end of my life in Krefeld.
In the meantime I became "addicted" to a local pub which is called the "Jazzkeller", which is nowadays one of the few things I miss in my new surroundings.
After I, more or less, finished school I started an apprenticeship for becomming an orthopedic mechanic, but soon had to see that this was not the kind of job I wanted to do all my life. Thus in this time a dear friend of mine asked me what became of my wish to emmigrate to Israel and I started thinking about this, moving the pros and cons around in my head, while working in a restaurant as bartender, or buffetier, how they prefered to call it. I was quite unsure about this leaving everything behind and making a new life in a country quite differently from germany, but nevertheless I started to get things done for this step.
The hardest thing was to leave relatives and friends behind, but most of them encouraged me, īthough i still donīt know if they thought on improving my life, or getting rid of me.
Shortly before I left heading for the Holy Land I was wondering if this idea would turn out to be a step forward or if I made any logical errors, but I think this is pretty common when you have a big change in your life ahead. My biggest fear, I admit, was if I could get friends as sympathic and relyable again, and if I could keep the friendship with my "old" friends.
Now I can say that I really got to know people I nearly liked off the start, and that up to now there was no problem keeping up the relationships to my "old" friends.
I now live in Haifa, improving my hebrew and and preparing myself for my upcomming studies on programming.
I hope I didnīt bore you to death with this little story, and Iīm even not sure why I wrote it, but I guess it doesnīt harm anybody and for now I will leave it as it is.
One more word, I put up this homepage as a mean to keep in better contact with my friends and if I see itīs not working Iīll try something different. The only thing I ask of you is helping designing this page, tell me what you think of it and what I should add or erase, even if you think I should erase the whole page and make more web-space for more important things, like porn-pages and stuff like this.
Either email me or use the guestbook i plan to add.
So long everybody.